" A wonderful way to experience the battlefields..."
" A wonderful way to experience the battlefields..."

The battle of Verdun in 1916 : the hell on earth...

The longest battle of the First World War was a German offensive against the French, it was fought from 21 February to 18 December 1916 in the Meuse region, eastern France. It was originally planned by Erich Von Falkenhayn to secure victory for Germany on the Western Front. The fortified Region of Verdun consisted of a belt of 19 forts protecting Verdun on the Meuse river. Despite the capture of the Douaumont fort in the first days of their offensive, the Germans were never able to capture the town of Verdun. In 10 months of an attrition battle, no other place on earth as suffered as much in WW1: the towns, villages and the forest around were completely annihilated. Today the ground is still scarred with thousands of craters and shell holes, it is the resting place for hundreds of thousands of French and German soldiers...

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