" A wonderful way to experience the battlefields..."
" A wonderful way to experience the battlefields..."

Your own Virtual Tour of the Somme Battlefields

Because of the Covid-19 crisis it is very difficult to travel from Australia to France. Nobody knows for how long it will last but we know that many australians had planned to come or wish to visit the WW1 battlefields in France and/or a grave of a relative. 

Considering the situation and living in the hearts of the Somme battlefields, we have decided to offer a new service online dedicated to the australians who can't come to us: we come to you !

We offer you a tailor-made Virtual Tour of the battlefields. This is your tour: you choose what you want to see, where you want to go, if you want to follow in the footsteps of a relative, if you want to visit a grave, or go to any specific site we go on site and make a film specificaly for you and we send it to you

Interested in a relative who served in WW1 ? 

Many australians have family members who served on the Western Front, by giving us the information about a soldier who fought there; his full name, his army number, the battalion he fought with - whatever you can find - we will do the research then go and film the places that relate to this person. 


We fully understand the importance of being able to see a family member's grave. If you wish to see a specific grave in a cemetery here is what we can do:

  • Go to the cemetery, we film the area and the grave
  • Leave flowers, poppies or a personnal message or photo on request
  • Play the Last Post or say a personnal message

How does it work and how much does it cost ?

It's very easy, below is a list of places and sites that we can film. You choose the sites you want to see, if you have a specific request (a relative who served, a grave to see or anything else) fill the form at the bottom. We give you by email a quote for the cost of your film, then if you agree we do it.


The cost of the film depends on the sites chosen, on the distance between them, on the work, time, research and personnal request: it means there's no fixed price, each film is different because it's yours ! 

You can choose an approximate length for your film, to give you an idea the estimated cost/per minute is +/-50 euros

We make your own film, choose the places you want to see !


The Australian memorial, cemetery,

the town...



Peronne & Mont Saint-Quentin

The 2nd A.I.F div. memorial, Péronne town...



the site of the "Gibraltar" bunker, the Windmill, the Mouquet Farm...



Le Hamel

the 4th July 1918 attack, the Australian memorial and the battlefields..




the "Digger", the April 1917 battles on the Hindenburg Line



Fill the form (the quote is free, so it doesn't commit you to anything)

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Thank you ! You will receive very soon a quote for your personnal film

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