" A wonderful way to experience the battlefields..."
" A wonderful way to experience the battlefields..."

Personalised & Private Tours

Private Tour is a very convenient way of visiting the Western Front, either to follow a normal itinerary but with the privacy and comfort of having your own personal guide and vehicle, or to enable you to visit or spend more time in areas of specific interest to you. Anything is possible on a Private Tour

         Our team can also help you to plan this tailor made visit. If you would like to follow in the footsteps of a family member who fought in the Great War or a specific regiment or battalion, then this is the type of tour you need. By giving us the information about a soldier who fought there, for example his full name, his army number, the battalion he fought with - whatever you can find - we will do the research and take you to all the places that relate to this person. Of course we have access to online resource and we also have our own documentation, original trench maps and many books...

Private Tour also enables you to have more choice about where you would like to be collected from at the beginning of the tour and dropped off at the end - we can arrange direct transport from and to AMIENS, ARRAS, LILLE, ALBERT, ROUEN, REIMS...


We can arrange your visit of the battlefields in a luxury vehicle Mercedes V-Class and lunch in gourmet restaurants. We have 15 years of experience in organising Private Tours on the Western Front.


For information, a quote or to book a tour please contact us with your possible tour dates, how many people will be travelling and the sites you are intersted in.


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