" A wonderful way to experience the battlefields..."
" A wonderful way to experience the battlefields..."

This tour will allow you to discover the sites of the last German offensive in WW2: the operation "Wacht Am Rhein", a major counter-offensive in the winter 1944-45. More than 400.000 German troops, supported by 1.500 tanks attacked by surprise the allied forces through the densely forested Ardennes region...

The battlefields cover a large area from the German border and Luxembourg through Belgium.

Day One: Reims to Bastogne... (+/- 250km)

Starting from Reims, where the 82nd and 101st U.S Airborne divisions were stationned at the start of the battle fo the Bulge, we will drive to Bastogne following in the footsteps of the American paratroopers on their way to the Ardennes. On 21 December the town of Bastogne was surronded by German forces and despite several German attacks the perimeter held. McAuliffe, commanding the encircled troops from a cellar in Bastogne replied his famous « Nuts ! » to the German commander asking him to surrender. Passing the main square of the town is named after him, we will visit the Mardasson memorial which commemorates all the fallen American soldiers who have died in the Ardennes, we will not miss the new museum next to the memorial.

If possible (depending on opening days and time) a visit to the Bastogne barracks can be arranged to see one of the most impressive collection of WW2 tanks (Vehicle restoration Center of the Royal Museum of the Army) and the original « cave Nuts ».

We will then head to the forest of Foy : the « Bois Jacques » (Jack's wood) was the scene of fierce fighting : today the many foxholes are the silent witnesses of the battle...

We will stay overnight in the charming town of Bastogne

Day Two: La Gleize, Malmedy, Luxembourg...

Leaving Bastogne towards north, we will pass the site of Manhay where German tanks of the 2nd SS Division ran into American tanks and paratroopers. We will stop at La Gleize to see the only surviving Koenigstiger (Kingtiger tank) of the Kampfgruppe "Peiper": after the battle 135 German vehicles and tanks were abandonned there...

Passing Malmedy we will pay our respect to the memorial of the "massacre of Baugnez" on the crossroad where American prisonners were slaugthered by S.S troops. D



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