" A wonderful way to experience the battlefields..."
" A wonderful way to experience the battlefields..."

MEUSE - ARGONNE and VERDUN Battlefields

2 Day Private Tour from & to REIMS Overnight at VERDUN.                             You can combine this tour with other tours to the Marne, Château-Thierry and Belleau Wood, the Saint-Mihiel salient, Lorraine, the Vosges...

DAY ONE: the MEUSE-ARGONNE Battlefields

Pick-up at your hotel in REIMS

Drive to the Argonne forest: the "butte de Vauquois" (one of the best preserved WW1 battlefield on the Western Front), the fortifications in the forest, the Ravine of the Lost Battalion, Apremont, the Pennsylvania monument at Varennes, Montfaucon observation post and American monument, the American cemetery at Romagne...

Overnight at VERDUN




Pick-up at your hotel at VERDUN

The Douaumont ossuary and the French cemetery, the "trench of the bayonets", Froideterre fort and Douaumont, the Verdun museum, destroyed village of Fleury, Souilly and the HQ of the General Pershing...

Drive back to REIMS



Anything is possible on a Private Tour !

 Our team can also help you to plan this tailor made visit. If you would like to follow in the footsteps of a family member who fought in the Great War or a specific regiment or battalion, let us know. We are flexible, it means we can leave the beaten tracks and explore other areas of interest to you. This is YOUR tour !



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