The Somme
The Somme

About us

"Terres de Mémoire" ("Fields of Remembrance") is a French company specialized in First World War Battlefield Tours. We are based in the historic town of Péronne, at the heart of the Somme battlefields. We are a well established company since 10 years, fully certified and registered and complying to the strict French legislation (SIRET Number: 529 513 186 RCS Amiens). All our guides are certified and we have a European Transport Licence (Licence n°2016/22/000032) that allows us to transport passengers through Europe.

We are members of the Somme Battlefields Partners, official guides n°1, 2 and 3. The guides members of Somme Battlefields' Partner network, all detained the required transport licence, an insurance and the knowledge approval given by the Museum of the Great War (Historial).

Our team


Sylvestre Bresson, a Great War enthuisiast, created "Terres de Mémoire" several years ago. His biggest wish was to make his work his passion and he has never been happier. He enjoys nothing more than sharing his passion both for the Great War and local culture and knows all the best places to visit, from German bunkers to restaurants serving the finest local produce ! He takes pleasure walking the battlefields and exploring little known areas. Sylvestre is a very caring individual and a tour of the battlefields with him is a dignified, informative and incredibly moving experience.


Léa Salaun grew up on the battlefields of the Chemin des Dames, on the Aisne. Léa's interest in history was sparked by living in a region so marked by the Great War. She describes guiding for "Terres de Mémoire" her dream job ! Not only immersed in the Great War history but also enjoying a cultural exchange with our many visitors coming from Australia, New Zealand, America, Great Britain, Canada ... Because of her knowledge of not only the battlefields but also other local history and culture a tour with Léa is a fascinating experience.


Estelle Choquet runs the management side of things, taking reservations, replying to emails and generally making sure all is running smoothly. She also helps with organizing itineraries as she has exceptional research skills her talents are often called upon for researching anything from a grave site to a soldier's battalion to what time the next train from Paris to Amiens is running !

Historical Research


Living and working on the battlefields of the Somme we have many years of experience in researching and investigating about World War One and we have contributed to various conferences and talks about the Western Front, T.V programs and books. Sylvestre is also the co-author of the New Michelin guide book about the battlefields of the Somme, a reference for all those who come to visit the battlefields.


We have access to a lot of ressource and have got our own documentation: a large collection of books and original documents: trench maps, aerial photos, personnal letters and some WW1 memorabilia too. Let us know if you are interested in following in the footsteps of a soldier, a battalion or any particular aspect of the conflict and we will do our best to find out more.

There is no charge for research, it's included in the price of the tour.

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