Day Three: Verdun, Montsec and St-Mihiel

                         Pick-up at your hotel at Verdun


The battle of Verdun ('the hell of Verdun") is considered to be the greatest and lenghiest in world history: the total casualty figure for the entire war in the Verdun sector approaches 1.25 million dead, wounded and missing.


We will start the day by visitng the impressive French cemetery at Douaumont and the ossuary containing the remains of 130.000 unidentified combattants from both nations. Situated in the forest labelled "Zone Rouge" (Red Zone) where the ground is still littered with so many bodies and unexploded shells, it is certainly one of the most sacred place in France. Then we will visit the new and excellent museum "memorial de Verdun".



Heading south towards the town of Saint-Mihiel we will approach the butte of Montsec, a 1.230 feet high hill dominating the plain of the Woevre where the Germans constructed tunnels, underground shelters and trenches. The American monument commemorates the reduction of the St-Mihiel salient by the First and Second U.S Armies and also the other U.S divisons who fought in Alsace and Lorraine.


Our last stop will be at the St.Mihiel Amercian cemetery (4.153 graves) then we will drive back to Paris


Drop off at Paris at the end of the tour (another location is possible)

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