Day Two: Belleau wood to the Meuse-Argonne

                                                                                   Pick-up at your hotel at Chateau-Thierry


On the second day we will go to the village of Belleau; in the woods the German advance was stopped by the Marines with the famous words « Retreat ? Hell, we just got here ! ». Then Belleau wood became the theater of furious fighting for several weeks, it was one of the bloodiest and most ferocious battles U.S. forces would fight in the war. Next to Belleau wood, renamed « the wood of the Marine brigade » is the Aisne-Marne American cemetery.

We will then continue eastwards to the Sommepy American monument situated on Blanc Mont Ridge, it is surrounded by vestiges of World War I trenches, dugouts and gun emplacements.

The afternoon will be dedicated to the Visit of the Meuse - Argonne sector: we will drive trough the thick Argonne forest and pass the ravine of the "Lost Battalion" (77. U.S Divison) to the village of Montfaucon. It is certainly the most imposing American monument in Europe, standing on the ruins of the former village and german bunkers.


At Romagne-sous-Montfaucon is the largest American cemetery in Europe: the Meuse-Argonne American cemetery contains the graves of 14.246 soldiers who lost their lives in the 1918 offensive. Nine Medal of Honour recipients are buried here.

On the Meuse river is the famous town of Verdun where we will stay overnight.


Overnight at Verdun

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